The Broken Prince

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
7 hours 32 minutes
Harlow is smart and fierce, and I should have known that she would cross me. Now I'm a prisoner under the castle—and once her father returns I'm as good as dead. I've heard tales of the king's ferocity, and I know he'll burn me alive with just his stare. But before he can kill me, I make a proposal. If he lets me live, I'll pledge the vampires to fight in this war. The Teeth are dangerous, whatever plans they have are even more dangerous. King Rolfe needs me alive—whether he likes it or not. He spares my life—but I'm still a prisoner. The only person who can get me out of here is Harlow, so I ask her to pardon me. Whether she likes it or not, she owes me. I saved her from the teeth, so she needs to save me from this cell. If she doesn't . . . I'll die. And then I feel it . . . the affection she tries so hard to hide. There's still something here, a fire between us that just won't die. She should hate me from what I've done to her . . . but she doesn't. Because she still wants me. And I deeply, painfully still want her.
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I’m enjoying this series. Not as good as some of her others, but worth listening to.

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