The Brushstrokes of Life: Discovering How God Brings Beauty and Purpose to Your Story

Written by:
Anne Neilson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
5 hours 58 minutes
Read by the author.

Here’s a secret: God has deposited a gift inside of you. Acclaimed angel artist Anne Neilson wants to help you find yours as she shares her personal story of passion and purpose and how faith radiates from every canvas of her life. The Brushstrokes of Life will help you see there are no coincidences with God.

Anne Neilson believes that each of us begins our life as a blank canvas: clean and fresh and ready to find texture in our experiences. Each trial, each joy, each heartache, and each hope leaves an explosion of color and sweeping brushstrokes that shape us. When we allow God to take over as the Master artist, we will find that He carefully adds dimension and highlights to create a beautiful masterpiece in us. Often, though, it’s hard to find the beauty when we are wading through mess.

In this beautiful memoir, Anne shares personal stories about why her faith is so important to her and resonates in all her work. In The Brushstrokes of Life, you will learn how to:

- Open your hands to God’s possibilities
- Connect your trials from today into hope for tomorrow
- Trust God’s role in your story


Anne’s stories will be a beautiful reminder that God is both our Creator and the fulfiller of His promises. He is the artist of our life. Creations are messy, but the divine artist never fails to reveal a masterpiece.
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Carol R.

Excellent book! Her stories of how God used her talent were so inspiring. I didn’t want it to end!

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