Buddhism For Beginners: The Practical Guide to the Buddha's Teachings to Help You Live a Life Full of Happiness and Peace without Stress or Anxiety Including Mindfulness, Zen and Tibetan Teachings

Written by:
Alexandra Jessen
Narrated by:
Ric Chetter

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
3 hours 20 minutes
If you want to learn how Buddhism can SKYROCKET your peace and happiness in daily life then keep reading…
Do you want to learn the fundamentals of Buddhism? Do you want to learn it in a PRACTICAL manner that actually improves your day to day life? Do you want to learn it in an easy to understand manner?
Buddhism now is more popular than it has been in decades, the Buddha’s incredible teachings are starting to get the recognition they deserve.
What has happened recently is a wave of books that only go over the theory of Buddhism and don’t cover the most important aspect- how Buddhism can transform your daily life and revolutionize you as a person.
For us westerners we need a slightly different approach then the Monks, we have busy and demanding lives and Buddhism can still help us live in harmony!
Anyways, here is just a slither of what you will discover inside…
• The 1 Practice the Buddha recommended that will make you the happiest version of yourself!
• A simple, yet incredibly effective, meditation technique to help you relieve stress and feel more at peace even if you’ve NEVER meditated before
• 7 Practical tips to help you free yourself from the tyranny of your own mind
• The truth about Karma and how it can genuinely help you transform your life (Most westerners don’t know this)
• How to practice Buddhism on your own terms, in your own way
• Why more average westerners are becoming Buddhist than ever before AND increasing their happiness levels at the same time
• Tips and Strategies for making all of the teachings part of your ‘Everyday Buddhism’ practice
• The Startling truth about why the most important part of Buddhism is the PRACTICAL applications of the teachings
And So Much More!
So, if you want the Essential Buddhist teachings delivered in the most practical manner to help you live a life full of joy and happiness then scroll up and click 'Add To Cart.'
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Edith W.

I am so grateful to the amazing author of this audio. Without him, we won’t be able to listen to such masterpiece that would help us become stress free and happy.

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Kaelyn H.

This audio offers simple practices that are very useful. I have anxiety and ever since I listen to this audio, I learned how to relax and calm myself as well. This helped me a lot to heal myself in the inside.

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Amina B.

This audio gives us the urge to unwind and to be free of thoughts that keep bugging us. This is really helpful because we get to free ourselves with negativities and exchanged it with positivity.

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Brooklynn K.

This audio will teach you ways on how to forget sufferings and achieve ultimate happiness that everyone desires. Listen to this audio now to feel the same things.

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Lilith W.

This audio contains the Zen and Tibetan meditations that will truly be helpful to live a happy and stress free life. As a beginner, I am truly impressed by the contents of this audio.

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Paige J.

The understanding of this audio will not be possible without the help of an impressive narrator. The voice is pleasing to the ears and is well-projected to give emphasis to important topics.

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Santana G.

This audio is of great value because this is very helpful to everyone, especially beginners. This is very much needed to relax and be stress free and I could tell you that this audio will do a great job for you.

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Poppy C.

This audio does not only give out information or introduction about Buddhism but also rituals that can be done in order to feel enlightenment.

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Madelynn V.

If you want to learn a lot about Buddhism, this is the right one for you. This audio is filled with useful information that will guide you to have a satisfying and happy life without stress.

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Alfonso H.

This audio is really great for beginners. An introduction to Buddhism was explained well and a practical guide was mentioned in which it will be truly helpful.

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Royalty C.

Through this audio, I have learned to empty my mind and focus on only one thing to prevent stress and anxiety. If you want to have the same experience, you must try this audio.

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Ella K.

This audio teaches ways to learn Zen meditation in order to be calmed. I tried doing them and it really helped a lot in calming my nerves.

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Uriah C.

The audio is excellently done by the author. The guide is really helpful and useful for me as a beginner to develop mindfulness that will lead to self-healing.

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Mikayla L.

This audio has a very practical guide to mindfulness. This would be very helpful to all of us, especially beginners, to live freely and happily without any stress at all.

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Cristiano D.

This audio taught me the basic knowledge about Buddhism and how to apply these to live a life full of happiness without feeling stressed. As a beginner, I am really impressed.

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Sylas G.

I like how the author used simple terms in explaining the content of the audio. It helped us, beginners, to understand it easily and I want to thank him for that.

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Braxton W.

I have been curious about what Buddhism is all about. Through this audio, I have learned interesting facts about it and is very easy to understand.

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Desiree M.

This audio has clarified answers on how to be successful in achieving happiness without stress or anxiety. I have learned a lot as a beginner.

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Jada R.

This audio contains the right amount of details about Buddhism. If you are curious about how to live a life full of happiness without stress or anxiety, you must listen to this audio now.

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Marlon N.

This audio will teach you that change is the only permanent thing in the world, so you must be prepared for it in order to achieve happiness.

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