Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
5 hours 54 minutes
You can get happier. And getting there will be the adventure of your lifetime.


In Build the Life You Want, Arthur C. Brooks and Oprah Winfrey invite you to begin a journey toward greater happiness no matter how challenging your circumstances. Drawing on cutting-edge science and their years of helping people translate ideas into action, they show you how to improve your life right now instead of waiting for the outside world to change.

With insight, compassion, and hope, Brooks and Winfrey reveal how the tools of emotional self-management can change your life―immediately. They recommend practical, research-based practices to build the four pillars of happiness: family, friendship, work, and faith. And along the way, they share hard-earned wisdom from their own lives and careers as well as the witness of regular people whose lives are joyful despite setbacks and hardship.

Equipped with the tools of emotional self-management and ready to build your four pillars, you can take control of your present and future rather than hoping and waiting for your circumstances to improve. Build the Life You Want is your blueprint for a better life.
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Arman T.

What a disappointing book. Why is Oprah’s name even associated with this book? She had a total of 4-6 pages in the entire book trying to sell the real author. This book is VERY subjective. Lots of wishful thinking and hopes and dreams to think about. No hard evidence or studies about real world financial issues. I am a believer that money runs the world till some extent in life. Once your comfortable money means nothing, just like the author or Oprah. All the religious thoughts and dictations make me think this author is die hard into religion. If you want inspirational books to listen to then listen to Joel Olsteen.

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Powerful and undeniably applicable no matter where the starting point may be for any of us.

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Linda Z.

The book opened my eyes to things I can definitely relate to and things I can do to make my life happier I have friends that I will recommend that they read toe book tpo

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