Building Moonshots: 50+ Ways To Turn Radical Ideas Into Reality

Narrated by:
Alan Carlson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
10 hours 28 minutes
Solve the world’s biggest problems and create a better future

In Building Moonshots: 50+ Ways to To Turn Radical Ideas Into Reality, a team of expert innovation strategists delivers an exciting and insightful collection of strategies, techniques, and frameworks for scaling your next big, audacious idea into a concrete product or service.

Each proven and tested strategy contained in the book has been categorized to make it easy to find and implement when you need it most. You’ll learn how and where to start, when to bet big, how to invest, when to play the long game, what to communicate, and much more. You’ll also find:
Ways to go beyond white papers and vision statements to a place where your ideas become a tangible reality
Strategies for creating a better future by transforming seemingly impossible ideas into concrete products
Methods for bringing to life radical and innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges
Destined to become the seminal, go-to source for visionaries, gamechangers, and leaders imagining the apparently impossible and determined to achieve it, Building Moonshots is a can’t-miss book for entrepreneurs, founders, product development heads, and other business leaders.
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