Burning Nation (Divided We Fall, Book 2)

Written by:
Trent Reedy
Narrated by:
Andrew Eiden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2015
12 hours 30 minutes
In this wrenching sequel to Divided We Fall, Danny and friends fight to defend Idaho against a Federal takeover and the ravages of a Burning Nation.

At the end of Divided We Fall, Danny Wright's beloved Idaho had been invaded by the federal government, their electricity shut off, their rights suspended. Danny goes into hiding with his friends in order to remain free. But after the state declares itself a Republic, Idaho rises to fight in a second American Civil War, and Danny is right in the center of the action, running guerrilla missions with his fellow soldiers to break the Federal occupation. Yet what at first seems like a straightforward battle against governmental repression quickly grows more complicated, as more states secede, more people die, and Danny discovers the true nature of some of his new allies. Chilling, powerful, and all too plausible, Burning Nation confirms Trent Reedy's place as a provocative new voice in YA fiction.
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michael b

I haven't read Burning Nation yet but I read the first book in this series (Divided We Fall) and just wanted to say it's probably not appropriate for kids like the tag says. The original book had a scene with the protagonist staring mesmerized in horror at a hole blown in a pretty girl's chest by American servicemen. Overall I'd rate the content PG-13 but definitely with more blood and gore. The overall political subject matter is pretty adult as well since its about war crimes, the constitution, states rights and the morality of violent insurrection. As a 30 year old man I mostly enjoyed Divided We Fall but I'm a 30 year old man. Not a 10 year old child. I'm REALLY not a prude and actually wish the books were more profane and graphic than they already are. I just thought parents should be warned. I gave my rating based on the original book since I wanted to get that warning out and it could take me months to finish it.

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Katie Reed

Contains underage drinking and characters obviously have sex (no description but implied) and some descriptions of the killing. Great story and plot is full of twists. I can't wait for the next book.

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William Stover

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The performance of the reading was excellent. Waiting for the next book in this novel this is an excellent story.

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Samson Kiberu

After reading Divided We Fall, I immediately bought Burning Nation. One of the best books I have read/listened to. The storyline as well as the narrations are superb

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Steven Rowe

I enjoyed both Divided We Fall and Burning Nation. It would have been easy for Trent Reedy to overly lean to left or right of the political spectrum, but he was pretty balanced. The narration was done very well and kept you sucked in to the story. I would recommend both books to other readers.

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Nelly Navarro-Britt

Story of a modern day Civil War in USA. Best narration I've ever heard! Tons of different voices

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Vanessa Carley

*THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS* I like how the sequel unfolded and showed how other states were being affected. There were still many times where I found myself silently yelling over a lot of the decisions Danny made. He was very reactive instead of thinking things through. Sometimes it worked, other times it made matters worse. Why is everyone listening to a 17 year old kid and following his lead??? Drove me nuts at times. The romantic in me was happy that Becka finally expressed her feelings for Danny, and I was excited for their friendship to grow into more but he's too in love with Jobell. I honestly felt bad for Becka because she's been there for him more than anyone, yet his feelings aren't as strong as hers. Who knows, maybe in the third book it could change cause I just don't care for Jobell. I also liked seeing the changes the civil war created in the characters. Some changed for the better, became stronger and others suffered or lost their humanity. The ending was especially chilling because it was foreshadowed earlier in the book so to see it come to fruition was a nice cliffhanger. Can't wait for the third book to be on audio so I can hear the conclusion and whether Idaho remains free or if it returns as part of the Union.

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Sandra Lambes

One of the best book series I have read in a long time!! I can't wait for the next book to come out.

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