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Calming Nature Sounds with 432 Hertz Music for Healing, Meditation and Sleeping: Achieve Deeper Levels of Stress Relief, Tranquility and Focus

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
7 hours 49 minutes
If you want to rapidly achieve deeper levels of relaxation and relieve stress - then keep reading...

One of the few constants in life is change. Our lives are so unpredictable. Jobs are lost. Health falters. Loved ones pass away. Relationships get rocky. Stress comes like a tidal wave. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the stress of life? Is your mind racing with endless thoughts? Do you struggle to 'switch off' before you go to sleep? The truth is, mind is programmed to heal. But only if you have the right tools. This knowledge doesn't necessarily make it easier. What helps is the sound of nature. Nature sounds have always fascinated mankind. They relax us, release us from the brooding constraints of everyday life, and ultimately help us let go.

This audio book contains the perfect mix of natural sounds and dreamlike 432 Hz music. Perfect for falling asleep, for relaxing, or meditating.

This calming selection of healing music gives you the power to calm your mind and relieve stress on the go - even if you're lifestyle is overwhelmingly busy and hectic. Here's how this relaxation music will empower you:

• The right sounds resonate with the body, bringing it back to its natural state, with a healing and regenerating effect on mind, body, and soul.

• Use the pulsating sounds to calm your soul and put yourself in a state of absolute, deep peace.

• Achieve deep levels of relaxation anytime, anywhere.

• Incredibly useful whether you're working, travelling, sleeping, or just relaxing.

• Even if you don't have any time to sit down for just one minute, you can play this music in the background to calm yourself.

Are you ready to effortlessly free yourself from the anxieties of stress - anytime, anywhere? Then buy this audio book today - and immerse yourself in a world of limitless relaxation.

Customer Reviews:

***** I'm a life-long insomniac and quieting my mind enough to fall asleep is very difficult. This audio book is absolutely phenomenal and is now my favorite for relaxing and falling asleep! The music and natural sounds are so soothing. I'm so glad I found it! (Kimberley B.)

***** A short, light intro, then hours of relaxing music paired with nature sounds: ocean waves, piano, raindrops, soft guitars, and more. At the end of the audiobook, my favorite track with a waterfall. I sleep and sleep and sleep on through till the 5:00 AM alarm goes off. (F Moon)

***** This audiobook has changed the way I meditate/relax at the end of my day. I highly encourage everyone to check it out. It's truly wonderful. Enjoy! (Joy)
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