Camino de la Luna - Unconditional Love

Written by:
Pearl Howie
Narrated by:
Pearl Howie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
2 hours 11 minutes
In June 2016 I decided to sell my house of 22 years and leave my comfort zone. Slowly the Camino de Santiago showed itself and I decided, with no rucksack or hiking experience to start... But that’s another story, the one that led to this one.
My Camino in Spain taught me to let go of everything I didn’t need, to travel light and wash my clothes in the shower, but most importantly it taught me to trust my heart and my feet, to let my journey unfold naturally, instinctively, intuitively.
In the words of the theme song from my favourite TV show, “Nobody knows where they might end up” when they follow their heart.
Riding high on reaching the true destination of my Camino I raced to the airport to leave a country I had fallen in love with but which I’d had enough of (for the moment). There were two flights out that night; Seattle or Vancouver.
Which country would I end up in next?
My heart was calling me to Seattle, the Emerald City, the home of my TV family, but it all depended on my cab driver and how fast I could run with a loaded rucksack.
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