The Cauldron's Curse

The Cauldron's Curse

Written by:
Alicia Rades
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
19 hours 38 minutes
There’s only one witch who can break this curse.


The coven has discovered my secret, and the council demands my help to bring magic back to Octavia Falls.

The priestesses have tasked me with hunting down the Oaken Wands—powerful relics that could restore magic. I must obey the council; otherwise, the entire coven is at risk.

There’s a cursed cauldron that could lead us to one of the Wands, but it’s already fallen into the wrong hands…


A magical drug called nightshade has hit the streets and put the coven in danger. I suspect it’s connected with the mystery of the coven’s magic, but the details don’t add up. I’ve taken it upon myself to discover the truth.

I’m not the only person looking for answers. Nadine has launched an investigation of her own, and I must work with her despite the fact we’re no longer together.

I desperately want her back, but the Reaper’s Shadow curse still stands. A prophecy has been given. If we don’t mend our relationship, it could mean the end of the coven forever.


Return to Miriam College in the spell-binding third book of the College of Witchcraft audiobook series! Read auras, raise the dead, and solve the coven’s mysteries in this paranormal academy romance series. Recommended listening age 18+

College of Witchcraft series reading order:

Book 1: The Coven's Secret

Book 2: The Reaper's Shadow

Book 3: The Cauldron's Curse

Book 4: The Demon's Spell
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Enjoying this series. They bring to light that having a disability doesn’t have to define you.

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