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Cold Magic

Written by:
Kate Elliott
Narrated by:
Charlotte Parry

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2013
17 hours 49 minutes
The Wild Hunt is stirring - and the dragons are finally waking from their long sleep... Cat Barahal was the only survivor of the flood that took her parents. Raised by her extended family, she and her cousin, Bee, are unaware of the dangers that threaten them both. Though they are in beginning of the Industrial Age, magic - and the power of the Cold Mages - still hold sway. Now, betrayed by her family and forced to marry a powerful Cold Mage, Cat will be drawn into a labyrinth of politics. There she will learn the full ruthlessness of the rule of the Cold Mages. What do the Cold Mages want from her? And who will help Cat in her struggle against them?
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Yves-Antoine R.

It was interesting enough to keep me going but the narration felt flat and the interpretation made the characters unpleasant and dull (everyone has the same tone and everything is without weight or proper intention)- but the writing was skillful so I got curious to see how it would be read through my own lense- I purchased the trilogy in written format and I totally loved it. I highly recommend the author Kate Elliot. The second and third books get way better.

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