The Criminal Lair

The Criminal Lair

Written by:
Alicia Rades , Megan Linski
Narrated by:
Taylor Harvey , A.J. Carter
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
17 hours 34 minutes
Love can be criminal.


I was always good at being bad, which is why I’m the last person you’d expect to save the world. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given a choice.

I’ve learned my prophecy has something to do with the Elves, an incredible magical people that went extinct a century ago. At a paranormal prison where evil runs free, there’s more to discover about the Elves than I ever expected. As my investigation continues, I receive messages from the gods, who seem certain I’m the magical world’s only hope for survival.

But I’d better watch my back. The Warden has something up his sleeve, and if I’m not careful, I just might get mixed up in the greatest supernatural discovery of all time...


After surviving the Darke Games last semester, my performance didn’t go unnoticed. I’ve been recruited for an elite opportunity— a chance to compete in the underground fight club on campus. Participating will earn me privileges I can’t pass up, so if I want to run this prison, I’ll have to become the top fighter in the league.

Ava has asked me to learn more about the Elves and help her decipher her destiny. But what she doesn’t know is there’s more to the prophecy than she realizes. With every answer we uncover, the closer I come to causing the demise of the woman I love.

I’ll do whatever it takes to protect Ava. Even if it means saving her from herself.


Return to the Darke Institute for Supernatural Offenders, where love is criminal and secrets just might kill in book two of this paranormal audiobook series. Recommended listening age 18+

Prison for Supernatural Offenders series reading order:

Book 1: The Villain Institute

Book 2: The Criminal Lair

Book 3: The Infernal Underground

Book 4: The Assassin's Destiny
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