Crypto for Starters: All You Need To Know To Start Investing and Trading Cryptocurrency on Binance

Written by:
Malcolm Yard
Narrated by:
Malcolm Yard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2018
2 hours 6 minutes
Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and 'Altcoins' can be scary topics for anyone brand new to Investments and self-managed Wealth Management.
This educational space is somewhat dominated by the big books full of confusing terms and formal language, appearing to be written by some grey haired professors and financial advisors from 1950s...
This book is different however.
It offers a more friendly and accessible perspective of a relatively new player from the Cryptocurrency space of 2018, who made a lot of money relying on solid basics and fundamentals, that he is now happy to share with you using simple 'mum and dad friendly' terms!
Below are the main topics covered in this book:

Chapter 1 - State of the Crypto Game in 2018
Chapter 2 - Things to consider before investing in Crypto
Chapter 3 - Popular questions and things to know
Chapter 4 - Crypto Wallets and a few more terms
Chapter 5 - First Steps to Get Started
Chapter 6 - Further Steps to Gain Momentum
Chapter 7 - Basics of Technical Analysis
Chapter 8 - Basic operations on Binance Exchange
Chapter 9 - Pulling it all together!

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