A Curse of Blood & Stone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
15 hours 32 minutes
K. A. Tucker presents Book 2 in the Fate of Wrath and Flame series.
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Libby R.

Blood Stone picks up directly where Wrath Flame left off . Romeria and Zander are on the run . Both terrified of what their destiny now holds, the only thing they know is that they want to be together but are unsure how . Romy is still trying to learn how to wield her powers, Zander will stop at nothing to protect his people, danger mixed with chaos is around every corner the passion between the two of them burns hotter and hotter with every encounter . Trying not to give away spoilers, I will say that KA Tucker has done a fantastic job with this series . The world building, character developments, multiple POV’s for insight plot twists throughout this book are magical . I did not see the ending of this book happening the way it did, but it has made me extremely eager for what’s to come next in this series . A Curse of Blood Stone is the second book in the Fate Flames series . This book is not a stand-alone must be read in correct order . I can’t wait to see what is in store for us with the third book of this series, A Queen of Thieves Chaos . THIS BOOK ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER ! This book was given to me for honest review by Valentine PR Literary Management .

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Heather M.

Wow!!! What an amazing journey!! O.M.G. can this series get any better? I listened to the first book when it came out, and i got this book to listen to as well. And after just a few minutes to reacquaint myself with what happened in the first book, i quickly found myself engrossed wholly into this one. The story of Romy and Zander continues from right where the first book ended... running for their lives from the Ciriliean army after Zanders brother steals the crown. Along with the legionaries, they travel across the realm trying to figure out a way to take back the throne and stop the tainted blood being distributed to the humans which are killing the Cirileans after they've fed. They have issues practically from the start... and Romeria is still trying to figure out how to use her magic. I will say i had been confused what the beginning part of book one with Sofie and Elijah had anything to do with the rest of the story, but thankfully, it gets brought up again and clears up a bit. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series to find out what happens now that they've found Ulysede. So friggin excited!! OMG this story just came to life. I really felt as though I was there. The narrator, Elizabeth Kett, did an absolutely stellar job with the characters and making this story come to life. I will honestly say that I enjoyed listening to the book even more than reading it! I received an ALC for my honest review!

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Lisa S.

I began this audiobook immediately after hitting stop on the first book in this series. This volume picks up immediately after the first book ends when the heroine finds herself and her hero with the rug pulled out from under her again. There is another change in circumstances, only now the heroine has even less people in her corner. Her evil twin had really made a mess of things for her and it is hard for almost everyone to believe that she is not personally guilty. To cap it off, she admits to the man she has fallen in love with that she had withheld information from him. To be fair, magic or not, the likelihood that he would have believed that she is actually a person from a different world was slim. What would he have done if he knew that she has skills that have been systematically eradicated from this world for centuries. His decision to abandon her whether physically or emotionally places a wedge between them that both of them struggle to keep in place. Despite the overwhelming draw they feel toward one another. This is a problem if a prophecy that requires both of them is to come to pass. They keep moving onward, learning more about themselves and the kingdom they are trying to protect, working things out as they go. No one expects what they find when they arrive at their destination, but it seems that everything will change again once they get there. I was again glued to this audiobook from the first word to the last. I had to force myself to hit pause to sleep! The book has all the feels along with an excellent fantasy story, a snarky heroine, and plenty of action to keep the listeners on our toes. Top that all off with the perfect narrator for this story. I am tapping my feet waiting for book three! If you are a paranormal/ fantasy romance junkie, you don’t want to miss this series. However there is plenty of hot, steamy chemistry between the main characters, so keep that in mind. I am voluntarily submitting this review after listening to an advanced complementary copy of this audiobook.

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Kimberly M.

This one has such a different narration. 3.5 star listen, 3/4 of this story our mmc is really cold towards our fmc. It’s really interesting, I havnt read something like this before but at the same time it does remind me of the other two big fae stories out at the moment “What lies behind the veil” and the shadow realm.

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