Dark Knight

Written by:
J. L. Beck
Narrated by:
Liam Dicosimo , Brooke Hayden

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
13 hours 47 minutes
Shattered. Broken beyond repair. I’m the shell of the woman I used to be. The deeper I fall from reality, the worse things get. Only there’s one person who refuses to let me derail. Romero Pierce. Calloused. Sinister. Lethal. He’s my father's second in command, and so goddamn handsome it’s disgusting. Assigned the duty of being my babysitter, aka personal bodyguard, he thinks he can protect me, but I don’t want his protection. What I want is security, safety, freedom. Everything changes when I choose to leave and find myself in the very town where my father grew up. Trying to heal is hard enough, but it's nearly impossible with icy Romero watching my every move. Over time, he starts to make me feel things I thought I'd never feel again, reminding me I'm not broken but on my journey to heal, and I realize I'm helping him heal as well. It doesn't take long to discover Romero has deep, ugly secrets he's trying to keep, but nothing can remain a secret forever. When the truth's revealed will the man I consider my enemy become the only man who can save me? **This book contains triggering content that might be difficult for some listeners.**
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