Dasquian - Claimed by the Black Dragon: A Dragon Shifter Romance Novel

Dasquian - Claimed by the Black Dragon: A Dragon Shifter Romance Novel

Written by:
Jenny Foster
Narrated by:
D.C. Cole
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2018
7 hours 21 minutes
A chosen dragon.

A human female.

An invincible creature that wants to posses her.

Shor Dasquian is a man with a fearless dragon’s heart beating inside his chest. When he prepares to fight for a woman from Earth, he does not know the events he will set in motion. Because she is the one, the woman whom fate has chosen for him, only to separate them from each other all over again.

His love for the woman changes him.

The brave man turns into a fearless one.

The loyal dragon shifter turns into a relentless lover.

The strong dragon turns into an invincible being, who teaches even the most dangerous creatures from his home planet to fear him. Even an enraged king and a vengeful goddess cannot picture the black creature they have awakened inside Dasquian – and how far he is willing to go for the one woman he loves….

Dark, wonderful, and mesmerizing. Accompany Dasquian on his fantastic journey and experience vindictive goddesses from ancient times, a merciless creature born of fire, and a love story that remains unforgettable.

Full-Lenght Romance Novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Jenny Foster. No Cliffhanger. 
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Mihaela D.

Not one of my favorites Think the book needed a different narrator. Zero “chemistry “between the book and narrator

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