Day of Wrath

Written by:
William R. Forstchen
Narrated by:
Bronson Pinchot

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2014
4 hours 38 minutes
This novella by New York Times bestselling author William R. Forstchen imagines a horrifying scenario where, in the course of one day, the terrorist group ISIS carries out massacres in schools and on highways across the United States. With a surprisingly small but well-organized and ruthless force, the nightmarish devastation brings America to a state of near paralysis.

Bob Petersen arrives with his daughter at the middle school in Maine where he teaches, expecting another regular day but worried about what recent ominous news reports might portend. Suddenly his school—along with many others across the United States—is under attack. Gunmen burst in, slaughtering children and adults alike.

From the ISIS leader in Syria to the murderous rampages throughout the States, Day of Wrath reveals with chilling effect how national panic and paralyzing terror can bring a mighty country to a near standstill. Petersen's fight to save lives and stop the merciless gunmen provides edge-of-your-seat drama. This provocative work should stimulate an intense national debate.
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maureen mikusa

Ugh too too real for me I couldn't put it down !!!

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Danielle Drake

Wow! As usual this author has nailed the reader to the wall. Not only is this story compelling but it is also one I couldn't turn off. This could really happen and the likelihood that it will happen just as he says is very high. Don't dismiss the message here. It is important that we be vigilant and forward thinking.

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Michelle M.

After listening to this and what’s going on at the border, we all had discussions on how terrorist might be moving this way. This might be a reality one day and if we don’t get our act together as a society, we will find out the hard way. I’m from Texas and will always support teachers and citizens to conceal carry. I will never be a sheep. Week 2 of Covid and people are already breaking into people’s houses.

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Debra J.

Heart pounding!

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Janet S.

And to think this was written during the Obama administration...the first chapter could have been written today, November 21, 2018. It’s UNBELIEVABLE that this is an “old” book, so much has changed and so much is exactly the same . I honestly don’t know how this man sleeps at night, or lives at all. I’d want to curl up in a ball, and cry every day. Between One Second After and this book? I want to move to Black Mountain and take his class, be his neighbor or just continue in my not so innocent ignorance. He’s a prophetic.

Day of Wrath
This title is due for release on October 14, 2014.

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Day of Wrath
This title is due for release on October 14, 2014
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Day of Wrath
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Day of Wrath

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