Dead Wrong

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2006
10 hours 56 minutes
Juggling a family and a career is never easy—and it's becoming a real challenge for Sheriff Joanna Brady. Coping with the impending delivery of her second child as well as a staff shortage, the last things Joanna needs are two serious crimes.

First, the body of an unidentified man is found in the desert, all of his fingers savagely severed. Following the scant clues, Joanna learns that the victim was an ex-con who had served twenty years in prison after confessing to the murder of his pregnant wife. During his last days he was seen following and photographing a young woman.

Then one of Joanna's officers is brutally attacked while on an unauthorized stakeout. Because the officer is one of it's own, the department throws its resources into finding her attacker. But the murder haunts Joanna. Being a sheriff has become what she is and she'll risk everything to see that justice is done.
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Ron P.

One of the best in Brady series.

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crystal cormier

The book content is good, the audio recording is horrible. The narrator doesn't pronounce the names of key characters correctly and the editor definitely slept through their part of the job because segments of the book are plugged into places that they don't belong. In other words, you're listening about one subject and all of a sudden they're talking about something totally random then back to the first subject. It does this 5-6 times. I purchase 3-5 audiobooks each month and have never heard a book this butchered by the audiorecording.

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