Deadly Cross

Written by:
James Patterson
Narrated by:
Brad Sanders

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
8 hours 43 minutes
The murder of a glamorous DC socialite becomes Alex Cross’s deadliest case since Along Came a Spider.
Kay Willingham led a life as glamorous as it was public—she was a gorgeous Georgetown socialite, philanthropist, and the ex-wife of the vice president. So why was she parked in a Bentley convertible idling behind a DC private school, in the middle of the night, with the man who was the head of that school? Who shot them both, point blank, and why? The shocking double homicide is blazed across the internet, TV, newspapers—and across Alex Cross's mind. Kay had been his patient once. And maybe more.

While John Sampson of DC Metro Police investigates the last movements of Christopher Randall, the educator killed along with Kay Willingham, detective Alex Cross and FBI special agent Ned Mahoney find unanswered questions from Willingham's past, before she arrived in DC and became known in DC society as someone who could make things happen. They travel to Alabama to investigate Kay's early years. There they find a world of trouble, corruption, and secrets, all of them closed to outsiders like Cross and Mahoney.

Kay had many enemies, but all of them seemed to need her alive. The harder the investigators push, the more resistance they find when they leave behind the polite law offices and doctors' quarters of the state capital. Alex Cross will need to use all his skills as a doctor, a detective, and a family man to prevent that resistance from turning lethal . . . again.
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Michelle H.

Excellent storytelling. Was captivating from beginning to end.

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I liked the story. The narrator was very monotonous.

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Walt W.

Better than average Alex Cross storyline. Confused by the narrator. Gruff and unlikable personality for Cross. Not consistent in tone, attitude and personality. Even the age of the narrator seemed far to young to embody Cross in his +20th installment.

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Constance M.

I continued listening hoping that I could get over the narrator.

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Vanessa B.

Great book Alex Cross always find his man or woman. Narration was great.

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Patricia H.

Enjoyed book. Ending a surprise

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I couldn’t get through the book. I’m not sure which I disliked more, the narrator or the plot. But it’s the first audio book I stopped mid way through.

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Renee P.

I'm enjoying it

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Marcia L.

Enjoyed the story, had a hard time with the new narrator.

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narrator was NOT suitable for Alex Cross, ruined the storyline and made it difficult to stay focused and enjoy the book.

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Brian G.

Solid storyline, but the new narrator wasn't up to Alex Cross series standards! So 2020!

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