Deadly Gamble

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2014
10 hours 11 minutes
She's betting on a ghost. And taking a chance on love. Losing her memory in a mysterious tragedy years before left Mojo Sheepshanks not knowing who she is or how to get on with her life. Now the wisecracking Mojo, who hangs out at Bad-Ass Bert's Biker Saloon in Cave Creek, Arizona, suddenly begins seeing ghosts.and discovering clues to her real identity. Meanwhile, sexy cop Tucker Darroch has her heart racing and her passions revved up to maximum overdrive, but is it safe to let go and love the man? Really love him? Everything becomes even more complicated when a wealthy man claiming to be Mojo's long-lost uncle turns up. Not only that, she's being stalked by her ex-con half brother! As she and Tucker work to uncover the facts, she'll need all her savvy and strange new talent to keep someone from burying her-and the truth.
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Yves-Antoine R.

Delightful. The writing is witty and original, and the narration blew me away, a true artistic performance. The story has a Woody Allen feel, full of ridiculous situations that play with the mind. Best audiobook I’ve listened to.

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Marita t

I loved this book, unfortunately I read Deadly Deception first but it didn't spoil it to much , the narrator does this book proud she's fantastic

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