December 12: The Lucia Procession - An Erotic Christmas Calendar

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
0 hours 43 minutes
'It was Lucia night and Bella had just arrived by train at Enköping station when a car pulled up in front of her. In the driver's seat sat Lottie with Daniel next to her and Ollie in the back seat. Bella jumped in next to Ollie and they drove off towards the house to join the others.

They were approaching thirty but when they were together it was as if no time had passed since they studied theatre together as twentysomethings. This time they had gathered to have a party at the city's retirement homes. They would all stay in one big house, and it wasn't long before the familiar atmosphere set in.'

Elise Storm is the pseudonym of an author who, in addition to writing novels, also embarks on erotic adventures in search of love beyond the borders. With elements of BDSM, flirtation and various kinds of kinky sex, she fills her novels with pleasure. Always with a twinkle in her eye and an open mind to the exciting encounters life has to offer.
With the short stories Granriset and Luciatåget, she wants to show how just a bit of imagination and a really naughty Christmas calendar can make the cold December a very hot month.
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