December 5: The Christmas Party - An Erotic Christmas Calendar

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
0 hours 35 minutes
'Camilla dragged Angelo to a standing position and then pushed him down on the office chair. She looked out through the glass doors and Angelo's gaze followed. In the corridor outside, he saw several couples engaged in naked, sweaty sex, judging by the sounds.'

It's 1999 and new millennium is fast approaching, but in the Perfume Factory, work is still in full swing. Angelo, as the perfume manufacturer's top fragrance connoisseur, has been asked to create a perfume that will make anyone who inhales the scent horny; it will scream pheromones, aphrodisiacs and sex. The order comes from Camilla, a thirty-year-old starlet who stuns all employees with her relentless leadership style and beauty.

After many hours of toil, Angelo believes he has finally achieved what Camilla is asking for, and the upcoming Christmas party is a perfect opportunity to test whether the perfume will have the desired effect.
Peter Westberg is a Swedish author based in Stockholm. His titles include Europa Pandemus and Aurora, The Protector.
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