December 7: The Phantom Itch - An Erotic Christmas Calendar

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
0 hours 26 minutes
A phantom itch spreads over Benita's body in the Santa Claus costume; she scratches her forearm with her long manicured nails. Restlessness is driving her mad. She stands with a microphone in her hand in a room full of sex addicts, sixteen days after the first Advent and the relapse that cost her her job as a Santa Claus mother in a mall. She is only supposed to briefly talk about the relapse and its consequences, but instead she is heard unabashedly recounting the entire sequence of events without leaving out any details. Everyone in the audience holds their breath. She understands that she has them at her mercy and she enjoys taking these chronically horny people over the edge.
Peter Westberg is a Swedish author based in Stockholm. His titles include Europa Pandemus and Aurora, The Protector.
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