Defended by the Alien Devil

Defended by the Alien Devil

Written by:
Ava York
Narrated by:
Oliver Highpoint , Mia Madison
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
4 hours 30 minutes
Two battered souls now bound as fiercely as the stars, defying the darkness that sought to extinguish our light.

After endless days trapped in this cage, freedom seemed like a distant dream-until the wounded Vinduthi was thrown into my cell at the brink of death.

Still, the will to fight smoldered through him. And when I asked him to give me a claiming mark to shield me from the designs of our captors, that spark ignited into a blaze that threatened to consume us both.

Yet his stoic nature leaves me wondering . . .

Does the passion I see flickering in his eyes only reflect the yearning in my own heart?

Contains mature themes.
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