The Democrat Party Hates America

Written by:
Mark R. Levin
Narrated by:
Jeremy Lowell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
11 hours 21 minutes

The eight-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, radio host, and Fox News star returns to the page to reveal the radically dangerous Democrat agenda that is upending American life.

In American Marxism, Mark Levin explained how Marxist ideology has invaded our society and culture. In doing so, he exposed the institutions, scholars, and activists leading the revolution. Now, he picks up where he left off: to hold responsible the true malefactors steering our country down the wrong path.

Insightful and hard-hitting as ever, Levin proves that since its establishment, the Democrat Party has set out to rewrite history and destroy the foundation of freedom in America. More than a political party, it is the entity through which Marxism has installed its philosophy and its new revolution.

As in a Thomas Paine pamphlet or a clarion call from Paul Revere, Levin alerts his fellow Americans to the destruction this country is facing, and rallies them to defeat the threat in front of us—more looming than ever. He writes, “Every legal, legitimate, and appropriate tool and method must be employed in the short- and long- run to defeat the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party must be resoundingly conquered in the next election and several elections thereafter, or it will become extremely difficult to undo the damage it is unleashing at breakneck pace.”
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What a shallow, conspiracy theory ridden pile of excrement. To call for the destruction of one political party as Marxist and defend the the other as Fascist is quite the mental gymnastics.

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Mark G.

No matter you’re political leaning, one can’t avoid facts. Well presented.

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This book is twisted and not factual. Levin puts information together that supports his views on the democrats, but the information is not portrayed realistically. It is false and inflammatory.

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Scott B.

its alot to take in. this truth makes me angry. im tired of lies, the last 4 years of dem lies. 1989 is when i knew with bill getting into social security, cutting military. we need a Ceo to bring our ship back on cource. everyone needs togo to time out. You need to ask why are you here? its not for bmw, or next stck sell, or space x. why are you here folks. you came here with nothing you will leave here with nothing. why are you here? I think America get a grip. Someone else is about to slap you agenst your head. he lives beyond time. and can make you sand in a thought. mike drop

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the democrats hate America!

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Richard B.

Excellent, enjoyed this one.

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Joseph V.

Great book. Mark does the heavy lifting of putting all of the pieces of the democrat party's sordid past together with an obvious conclusion. A book that every freedom loving American should read and understand. The facts speak for themselves, Mark puts them all together for all to see. It's a vital message that needs to be told over and again.

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Sevi M.

The book I selected it accidentally. I thought I could try it first. It is written by one of Trump's friends and he is one of his followers. He has no idea what is going on. The narrator also is annoying the way he speaks. Trump tried to steal the elections and this man is in no position to understand this

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