Demon Flames

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2017
6 hours 16 minutes
As hellhounds continue to roam and the zombie plague spreads, Drav leads Mya to the source of her troubles-Ernisi, an underground Atlantis and Drav's home. There Mya learns that the shadowy demons, who've helped devastate her world, are not what they seem.

Trapped in Ernisi, Mya tries to convince Drav to return her to the surface so she can continue her search for her family. However, he's determined to keep her where he knows she'll be safe. When Mya falls ill, Drav must choose between her and his people.

Contains mature themes.
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Rose Y.

Ernisi sounds both intriguing and terrifying. I liked this story. It is a continuation of the story that began in Demon Ember with Mya and Drav. This one ends in a cliffhanger (major!) as well, but since the last book is out, I'm ok with it! In order to keep Mya safe, Drav decides to take Mya to his home. Ernisi is an underground world with many caverns and different creatures. Drav's city is behind a wall to keep the hellhounds out. While in Ernisi, Mya learns that the demons or shadow men aren't what she thinks. Mya and Drav grow closer even as she continues to ask Drav to take her back to the surface. She wants to continue the search for her family as well as other survivors. Drav doesn't want to take her to the surface where she won't be safe. But when Mya gets sick and doesn't seem to be getting better, they make a desperate journey to take Mya back to the surface. This story picks up right as Demon Ember ends which is nice, there's no timelapse at all. With all 3 books out at the same time, you can just keep reading which is awesome and the way I prefer to read my books. Finding out the history of the shadow men was interesting, but also kind of sad. There were a lot of feels in this story. I was mad at Drav or Mya or both of them at times. I also loved the way they were together at other times. I loved how protective Drav was of Mya even when he took it to extremes. This one does end on a MAJOR CLIFFHANGER! So be aware that you will want to get the third book or you will be very unhappy! I recommend reading this book! Or listening to it! I own both the ebook and the audiobook.

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Christy S.

I still really like the story, and I love the main male character. He is so sweet, protective, and caring that he just draws me in making me smile often. Unfortunately the main female lead became even more annoying to me with her overzealous complaints and anger. The rock incident had me angry. I just wish that she would been given a better and more caring personality, but other than that I love the story so far.

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