Written by:
Kathleen Kaufman
Narrated by:
Arielle Delisle

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
8 hours 56 minutes
Ceit Robertson, age ten, is the next Matrarc to the Society, a cultish matriarchal group living in an inconspicuous cul-de-sac in Venice Beach. When Ceit’s mother is attacked by spirits from the old world, a failed exorcism results in Ceit’s exile into the foster-care system in Los Angeles. She eventually lands in the infamous MacLaren Hall, a very real and historically auspicious center for disturbed and abandoned children in El Monte. As Ceit grows into a force of nature, she discovers that the devil might not be what we should truly fear. A sympathetic story of the devil in Los Angeles, Diabhal explores the true nature of evil and how intention colors our definition of what wickedness truly is.
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