Diesel: A Sports Romance

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
3 hours 47 minutes
From bestselling author Lisa Lang Blakeney comes a sweet and sexy stand-alone friends to lovers romance set in the world of professional football.

Olivia: I was the new kid, in a small town, who didn't fit in when I met Mason Bridgewater. He was big, bossy, and almost knocked me out cold when we first met.

Our friendship grew, and a love grew greater out of that, but now I've ruined it. Will he ever speak to me again?

Mason: I was the golden boy, from a small town, whose entire world was rocked when I met Olivia Robertson. She talked differently, she acted differently, and I knew pretty quickly that I'd never meet a girl like her again.

Our friendship was unbreakable, our attraction undeniable, and our love unforgettable . . . or so I thought. The girl who meant everything threw me away like I meant nothing. Will she ever love me again?

Contains mature themes.
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Patricia R.

When I listen to a book, I like to become enraptured into the story. Lisa Lang Blakeney has a talent to make each story unique and this one of the Nighthawks series had me completely invested in the story from the very start. I think it was the history of the couple. I loved going all the way back to when Olivia and Mason were kids and how their friendship was formed, how it grew and where it ended. It is nostalgic and gives the story that extra boost! Olivia is a great character. She is not afraid to be who she is and is unaware of her beauty both inside and outside. Mason is every girls' dream. Super athlete, smart and so attentive and compassionate, is he too good to be true? It's so easy to fall for both of them, and just want to push them together. It's a wonderful sports romance, and my favorite of the series. Hayden Bishop and Jeremy York continue their narration of the series, bringing the characters to life. This one was a little tricky with the different age brackets, but this team stepped up to the challenge,and their narration aged from 8 years old to grownup! It's fun and quirky and their performance enhanced the story!

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