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Divine Guiding Light

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
0 hours 48 minutes
Have you ever pondered how you came into existence, why you are here, the purpose of your life, and what awaits you after you depart from this world? These profound questions are a natural part of your existence, woven into the very fabric of your being by your Creator, urging you to seek God and the meaning and purpose of your existence. The pursuit of meaning and purpose serves as a powerful driving force in your life. When these questions remain unanswered, an emptiness persists within your heart, casting a shadow over your contentment and inner peace. It feels as if you are an incomplete puzzle, eagerly seeking the missing pieces to achieve fulfillment. Consequently, you do whatever it takes to fill that void, yet there is only one thing capable of filling it.
The answers to these fundamental questions can only be provided by your Creator. Just as a gadget is accompanied by an instruction manual from its maker, guiding users on how to operate it efficiently, your existence also comes with a manual – a divine message bestowed upon you by your Creator. This manual is a message containing the very words of God, instructing you on how to live in accordance with your Creator's expectations and to achieve inner peace in this world and next.
If you find yourself in search of answers to these profound inquiries, then 'Divine Guiding Light' is the book for you. Embark on a transformative journey with this book as it reveals the authentic message from your Creator, taking you on a quest to comprehend why you are here and what is expected of you by the One who brought you into existence, substantiating every claim with undeniable evidence.
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