Doctor Who: The Reign Of Terror

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2012
2 hours 36 minutes
'The events will happen, just as they are written...' Materialising in a forest, the Doctor and his three companions discover themselves to be 12 kilometres from Paris. This is the 18th century, and France is the scene of an ongoing bloody battle between royalists and revolutionaries. Following a blaze at a rural farmhouse, Ian, Barbara and Susan are separated from the Doctor and arrested as traitors, their destination the city's gaol. Ian receives information about James Stirling, an English spy with information vital to the revolution. No-one seems to know where Stirling is, and locating him becomes Ian's priority. The Doctor, meanwhile, arrives in Paris in the guise of a Regional Officer, and before long he has an audience with the leader of the Revolution himself: Robespierre! With Robespierre's downfall imminent, and the revolution about to reach its climax, the Doctor and friends must extricate themselves from Paris, before events overtake them and they too become victims of Madame Guillotine... Carole Ann Ford, who played Susan in these six BBC TV episodes from 1964, provides linking narration for the story.
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