The Dun Cow Rib: A Very Natural Childhood

Written by:
John Lister-Kaye
Narrated by:
Saul Reichlin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2018
14 hours 6 minutes
John Lister-Kaye has spent a lifetime exploring, protecting and celebrating the British landscape and its wildlife.
Lister-Kaye's joyous childhood holidays - spent scrambling through hedges and ditches after birds and small beasts, keeping pigeons in the loft and tracking foxes around the edge of the garden - were the perfect apprenticeship for his two lifelong passions: exploring the wonders of nature, and writing about them.
Warm, wise and full of wonder, The Dun Cow Rib is a captivating coming of age tale by one of the founding fathers of nature writing.
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