The Ecosystem Economy: How to Lead in the New Age of Sectors Without Borders

Narrated by:
Jason Keller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
7 hours 23 minutes
In The Ecosystem Economy, two McKinsey & Company senior partners offer an incisive and eye-opening look at the emerging ecosystem economy and what it means for companies used to familiar sector siloes. In the book, you'll explore how the most successful companies in the new economy aren't the ones that have applied old-school best practices but, instead, have adopted entirely new mindsets and approaches for a fundamentally transforming market.

You'll also find: explanations of why it's so important for companies to adopt a new approach in the face of a foundationally changing economy (and what they stand to gain); how the new ecosystem economy will continue to evolve and change, dissolving the borders between the traditional sectors of the economy; and a comprehensive ecosystem playbook that can be applied to firms of any size and in any sector.

As the barriers between sectors and disciplines come down, organizations everywhere will need to reshape their thinking about value propositions, competition, partnership, organizational and operating models, and performance management. The Ecosystem Economy is your personal roadmap to navigating that new world. It's ideal for managers and other business leaders seeking fresh new strategies and practical approaches for markets that bear little resemblance to the ones that came before.
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