The Edge

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
11 hours 45 minutes
The 6:20 Man is back, dropped by his handlers into a small coastal town in Maine to solve the murder of a CIA agent who knew America’s dirtiest secrets—can Travis Devine uncover the truth before his time runs out?
When CIA operative Jenny Silkwell is murdered in rural Maine, government officials have immediate concerns over national security. Her laptop and phone were full of state secrets that, in the wrong hands, endanger the lives of countless operatives. In need of someone who can solve the murder quickly and retrieve the missing information, the U.S. government knows just the chameleon they can call on.
Ex-Army Ranger Travis Devine spent his time in the military preparing to take on any scenario, followed by his short-lived business career chasing shadows in the deepest halls of power, so his analytical mind makes him particularly well-suited for complex, high-stakes tasks. Taking down the world’s largest financial conspiracy proved his value, and in comparison, this case looks straightforward. Except small towns hold secrets and Devine finds himself an outsider again.
Devine must ingratiate himself with locals who have trusted each other their whole lives, and who distrust outsiders just as much. Dak, Jenny’s brother, who’s working to revitalize the town. Earl, the retired lobsterman who found Jenny’s body. And Alex, Jenny’s sister with a dark past of her own. As Devine gets to know the residents of Putnam, Maine, answers seem to appear and then transform into more questions. There’s a long history of secrets and those who will stop at nothing to keep them from being exposed. Leaving Devine with no idea who he can trust... and who wants him dead.
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elle nelson

awesome book!

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Matt M.

Always a great listen! Loved that it's set in Maine (where I grew up). This book keeps you on "the edge" until the final chapter, with a twist at the very very end !

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Lauralee I.

Great twists and turns. Love this authors stories. Really enjoyed the narrators too. Definitely recommended.

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Ron B

great book

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David E.

Great story

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Anastasia Z.

Not a bad book but I guessed the ending somewhere in the middle . Also the main character Alex is a bit irritating - like she was a victim 15 y ago now everyone needs to dance around her and save her … and she is so white and fluffy … I mean … could have been much more intriguing .

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why do maine locals sound like texans? cmon. know your region.

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Melynda O.

Good easy read.

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It was interesting and I enjoy Baldacci’s books.

awesome book

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Carmen S.

It’s great and I love it

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Pam M.

David Baldacci has taken us on a great ride with this new Travis Devine book

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Jay C.

Baldacci is great and his follow up to 6:20 Man is terrific. What makes that book and this one so enjoyable to listen to is the narration of Zachary Webber. He does the voice of Travis Devine, General Campbell and others and does it well. He makes it easy to listen.

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Nancy C.

Really Like Baldacci. Suspense in intense. All of his books, so far, have met my expectations. Nancy Nurse

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Melissa T

I enjoyed this read. The storyline kept me interested, guessing and wanting more. I’ve always been a fan of Baldacci. The narrations’ were very well done. Love the voice of Travis Devine. ☺️

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Great Book!

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William Troyk

Nice job. lnteresting.

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