Emergence: Eclipsed Evolution: Phase 3

Emergence: Eclipsed Evolution: Phase 3

Written by:
Kim Harrison
Narrated by:
Xe Sands
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
6 hours 12 minutes
For better or worse, a solar eclipse brought humans and paranormal beings together, sparking one woman’s battle to master magic or lose our world, in this riveting serialized adventure from the New York Times bestselling author of The Hollows.

As time has passed, Dr. Renee Caisson has begun to see the demonic, alien August as more than a research subject or an unlikely colleague—they’ve become friends. And together, she and August have helped the two societies of Nextdoor and Earth through the confusion of first contact, the danger of misunderstandings, and the anger of mistreatment.

But when a popular blogger and conspiracy theorist twists August’s words, an uproar ensues, turning a powerful section of human society against the Neighbors—and resulting in Renee’s house arrest. “To protect you,” her could-be boyfriend, Major Jackson says, though that’s not how Renee sees it.

Torn between duty and friendship, August jumps Renee to freedom using the labyrinth, fully aware the journey might reveal more to her than she should know. The wily Neighbor has pieced together that Renee has been unconsciously using their magic, a fact that, if revealed, will cause more, not less conflict between their worlds.

For if the people of Earth can master their magic and exile his people again, the Neighbors will not survive.…
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