Emily of New Moon (Version 2)

Written by:
L.M. Montgomery
Narrated by:
Librivox Volunteers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
11 hours 57 minutes
Orphaned Emily Starr is sent to live at New Moon Farm on Prince Edward Island with her aunts Elizabeth and Laura Murray and her Cousin Jimmy. She quickly befriends three other children named Ilse Burnley, Teddy Kent, and Perry Miller, each of whom are unique and special in personality. At home, however, Emily has trouble getting along with her strict, severe Aunt Elizabeth; the plot climaxes when Emily accidentally uncovers a dreadful secret about Ilse's mother. The story is told in a simple, yet endearing fashion by Anne of Green Gables author Lucy Maude Montgomery, and is truly a good book for children or children at heart. (Summary by JayKitty76)
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This was a lovely story. I have never read L.M. Montgomery, but will listen to additional books by her. They are not deep but are perfect for listening while falling asleep and dreaming. I wish that I had an opportunity to read her during my childhood. What wonderful spunky characters!

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Susan H.

I'm in my 70s and have read or listened to hundreds of books, if not thousands, and I found this to be highly entertaining, interesting, and funny. Emily has gotten a raw deal in life, but she is trying to make the best of it with her maiden aunts and assorted friends and neighbors, and in school with a crowd of teasing children and a very strict teacher. She manages to get into some scrapes, but learns from them. She is a budding writer, and grows in that role, with some embarrassing moments and some honest criticism. I have not read/listened to the Anne of Green Gables books by L.M. Montgomery, but I will probably do that now because i like her style. I'm sure that Emily is partly Lucy. There are various narrators, but they all do a fine job of giving nuance to the different characters.

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