Written by:
Jane Austen
Narrated by:
Pj Roscoe
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
17 hours 6 minutes
Emma Woodhouse has successfully played matchmaker for her friend, and discovers that she has a taste for setting up romances for her friends. She gets to work meddling in her friends’ affair, convincing them to call off imminent engagements and relationships in favor of ones she creates.

The matchmaking quickly gets out of Emma’s hands, and her actions and instructions begin harming the people she cares about. Though she means well, her interference spirals and her good intentions cause difficulties and confusion. And though Emma continues to matchmake and attempt to create relationships among her friends, each new connection just adds another wrench in the works and scrambles the suitors once again. The question becomes who will be the final couples left together by the end of the novel?

Told with Jane Austen’s signature charm and wit, Emma is the story of a most unusual heroine and the chaos she creates in her friend circle with her antics. It is a humorous and heartwarming novel that will leave readers amused and enchanted.
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