Essentials of Emotional Intelligence

Written by:
Dr. John Demartini
Narrated by:
Tim Andres Pabon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
6 hours 37 minutes
In Essentials of Emotional Intelligence, Dr. John Demartini puts into perspective how your perceptions affect your reality and why Emotional Intelligence is so important in the achievement of your goals and dreams.

Your emotions are likely based on previous experiences, the subordination to outside ideals and norms that you're "supposed" to live by, your own personal experiences, the fantasy you have made about your life that you dream about that may not even be real, and the real objectives that you hold inside of you.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive and interpret the reality of life; respond accordingly with the various well-governed emotions; and measure, manage and use those reasonable emotions for communication, leadership, social development, and more. You must be able to monitor and govern both your perceptions and actions and keep them balanced.

The ancient hermetic teaching said that spirit without matter is expressionless and matter without spirit is emotionless. Matter itself, deals with emotions and spirit itself is unconditional love. Love is not just happiness, love is attraction and repulsion. I like you. I dislike you. Emotions are either positively or negatively charged, such as happiness and sadness, elation and depression, infatuation and resentment.

Learn how:
Your emotions and subconsciously stored impulses and instincts about something when you're five years old can still run your life 55 years later
To equilibrate your emotions to liberate you from subjective bias and get to the truth
You can manage your responses to people or events so you are able to master your life
To maximize your communication skills, business opportunities, income, and relationship dynamics
It's time to master The Essentials of Emotional Intelligence. Let Dr. John Demartini show you how.
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