The Fallout

Written by:
Garry Disher
Narrated by:
Dorje Swallow

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
5 hours 53 minutes
Australian jewel thief Wyatt has a bounty of stolen jewels and a yacht, but nothing can stop him from returning to his life of crime. He drugs his lover, police officer Liz Redding, and escapes into the night only to discover the gems he lifted are fakes. With his luck and his resources rapidly running out, Wyatt begrudgingly joins forces with Raymond, his estranged nephew and an established criminal himself, to lift some expensive artwork.

It should be an easy job — the gallery is under construction and Wyatt has performed similar heists before. But it isn't long before things go south, leaving Wyatt with some tough choices. Will the young and eager Raymond prove to be a worthy pupil or is he nothing but deadweight? For Wyatt, putting faith in other people has never been as tempting... or as dangerous.

“Disher continues to show an impressive knack for planning capers that go like clockwork..” Kirkus Reviews

Praise for the Wyatt series

“Like an Australian Bob le Flambeur, Disher's titular robber is smooth, calm and planning a big heist.” Entertainment Weekly

'There's real technique on show here.... it's so fast and hard-written that it becomes a blur, a flurry of activity that dazzles the senses.... Wyatt is a thrill-laden pleasure.' ABC Radio

'Outstanding.... The spare, economical prose perfectly suits this tale of mad love and crimes gone wrong, which will remind many of Westlake's better Parker novels.' Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

'Endlessly cool, enormously competent.... a banquet for those who like it uncut and unsparing.' Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

'Brilliant.... The similarities with another fictional thief--Richard Stark's antihero Parker--are many.' Seattle Times

'Disher takes us back to the golden age of thrillers, a time when they were fast, taut and dependably suspenseful.' Kirkus Reviews
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