The Farewell Address

Written by:
George Washington
Narrated by:
Andrew Julow

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2012
0 hours 44 minutes
George Washington's last and perhaps greatest missive to America, the address is best known for its warning against entangling foreign alliances and the formation of political parties. The Farewell Address is a glimpse into the future of the United States as envisioned by its premier founding father.
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It can not be more clear: not only were Americans not intended to give our ultimate loyalty to a faction (i.e., political party) or a representative of a faction, we were bluntly warned against doing so. It's our CONSTITUTION and our COUNTRY that are worthy of our allegiance. We must not ever allow ourselves to become convinced that any individual politician or political party is worth our loyalty if it's given at the expense of constitutional rights and liberties. Country must come before party, even when it is uncomfortable.

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Sabra G.

We could use George about now, and he would say no thanks.

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Great argument of Washington as the indispensable founding father, with all his human aspects.

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Brent Lewis

Sobering reminder of how greatly we endeavored to build a nation of the unparalleled principle.

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