Fate Awakened: Vegas Wolf Pack Series Book 2

Fate Awakened: Vegas Wolf Pack Series Book 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
8 hours 38 minutes
Missing something? Tell me…What is her life worth?


I failed her. I need to fix this. The only reason she is caught up in this mess is because of me: my pack, my enemies, my secrets I’ll stop at nothing to keep them from destroying the only thing that matters to me. My Mate. What I fear most is that my betrayal will be too much, and she’ll never forgive me.


I thought he was different. I trusted him, and he turned out to be just like all the others. Not that any of that matters anymore because I’m a hostage in a world surrounded by murderers, kidnapping, and secrets. As I discover the truths once hidden in plain sight, I wonder what my future will hold now. That is, if I have a future.

Deception, ransom, and a search for the truth drive these two warring wolf packs to the brink. Nothing like a little blackmail between packs to settle old scores. Can Bri fight her way out of the darkness? Will she accept the truths that lay deep within her? Or will Cain’s duplicity force her to reject this path and forge a new future?
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