Finding You

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
7 hours 15 minutes
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Devin Maxwell has made automotive repairs his life. Being the lone mechanic in Sweetbriar Ridge hasn’t left him with a whole lot of free time and up until now, he hasn’t minded. But now that the business is finally solid, he decides to take a weekend just for himself to try and figure out what his next big thing in life should be. He never expected the answer to be found on the side of the highway…

All MacKenzie Holland wanted was the chance to live the life she wanted without dealing with other people’s expectations. That’s what had spurred her last-minute cross-country trip. Well, that and a cheating ex. If only her car had cooperated. Stranded on the side of the road left her feeling as if her great adventure was over before it had even begun.

Devin getting car back to Sweetbriar Ridge was easy. Getting it fixed? That was going to take some time. With a town festival set to begin and a shortage of hotel rooms, MacKenzie finds herself not only relying on Devin to get her car back on the road, but also for a place to stay and a job. And the longer she stays, the more she becomes drawn to the sweet little mountain town, and Devin.

Getting stranded on the side of the road seemed like the worst thing that could happen. Little did she know, it was really just the beginning of her greatest adventure yet.
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Kristin Lira

Finding You is a sweet small town romance. Mackenzie and Devin’s story was a fast paced, light read. Both characters had really good personalities and their story was entertaining. I love the meddling small town of Sweet Briar. Carly Robins did a really nice job narrating this book.

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