Fits and Starts: A Memoir of Living with Epilepsy

Fits and Starts: A Memoir of Living with Epilepsy

Written by:
Franziska Thomas
Narrated by:
Franziska Thomas , Tracy Wiles
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
5 hours 39 minutes
'I understand this doesn't look good. Please trust me when I say it isn't as bad as it first appears. I'm not being ironical, facetious or glib. Physical pain is inevitable when you have a tendency to throw yourself around, suffering is optional.'

In 1992 Franziska Thomas had her first seizure and her whole world was turned upside down - literally.

In Fits and Starts Franziska gives a compelling personal description of living with Epilepsy, an illness shrouded in secrecy and antiquated myths. Laden with self-deprecating humour she describes her own coming of age - as an epileptic, a teacher, and ultimately, a mother. Alternately stubborn and mischievous, down trodden and determined, Franziska remains ever hopeful despite the constant set backs and instinctively refuses to conform to the role the outside world has chosen for her. This searingly honest and thought-provoking memoir is the story of the author's fits, injuries, and memory loss, set inside the wider story of Epilepsy and society. Focussing on her own experience of repeatedly falling down, getting up, then falling down again.

Read by Tracy Wiles and Franziska Thomas.

Produced by award-winning audio company Almost Tangible, featuring an original title song by Stephanie MacGaraidh.

***About the book: Fits & Starts has sold thousands of copies making it one of the BEST-SELLING books about living with Epilepsy. Any questions you have about Epilepsy, either as an epileptic or someone who knows and loves an Epilepsy sufferer, your questions could be answered here.

***About the author: Franziska has previously worked as a journalist and History teacher. She is currently working as an author and Fundraising Manager for a UK and Nepal based charity. She lives in London with her husband Tim, their children Oskar and Kurt and two misbehaving Maine Coons.
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