Fleet Captain Spacemage

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
8 hours 11 minutes
A complicated war is about to get a lot more complicated. And Bud's brought it on himself.

There's no end in sight to either the Rawtenuga or Trixone wars. And the search for the dinosaur home world is proving just how big the galaxy is, especially where it's not properly mapped.

The enemy keep popping up in too many places, and as fast as the sensor network expands, they seem to have expanded faster.

Bud's been stepping up continuously since he joined the Imperium military, but now it's time for others to as well.

But in the midst of the mission, civilian matters continue to intrude, and being the goto mage has its downsides. Even with unexpected help, more resources, and finally producing shipyards, the Rawtenuga seem unstoppable.

The question has always been, where the hell are they from? But is the answer going to be what they need to end the war? Or is it just going to raise a lot more questions?

It's all on the shoulders of a very young Fleet Captain Spacemage.
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