Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
6 hours 27 minutes
Alarick has dealt with an array of difficult things in his life—his father disappearing, his mother dying, becoming the president of his club. His life hasn’t been easy, and it’s certainly never been simple. But he knows how to handle this world. There isn’t a single thing in it he can’t deal with…until now. Bodies are showing up on his doorstep. People are uncovering lie upon lie. Those he trusts are making him doubt. Danger is lurking in every corner. He’s trapped between wanting to protect those he loves and finding out the truth. The woman he cares about is treading on dangerous grounds, and he can do nothing to stop her. If he doesn’t find a solution soon, more lives will end, and the terror will continue. How is he supposed to fix what’s broken, when he can’t even find the crack? How is he supposed to protect his club, when everything he thought he knew is a lie? Alarick knows one thing for certain: whatever monster is out there, it hasn’t met him yet.
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