Flunking with a Ghost

Written by:
Baylin Crow
Narrated by:
Iggy Toma

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
3 hours 51 minutes
Moving to the sleepy town of Havens Hallow, Massachusetts, during my senior year hadn't been part of my future plans. Not to mention the ancient house my father bought sits next to the creepiest place imaginable-a graveyard full of battered stone statues. It's a far cry from the upper-middle class neighborhood we left behind.

That wasn't the only thing I had to walk away from. My position as the star quarterback of my old team has now been replaced with a not-so-cozy spot on the sideline. With a football scholarship on the line, I can't afford to be benched. But my grades are in the trash and my mood is buried somewhere beneath the soil of my new personal nightmare.

I need help, and fast. August Sanders, a classmate in my new school, volunteers to tutor me. As much as my bruised ego hates it, I can't turn down the offer.

However, he forgot to mention a pretty important detail that sends shivers through every cell in my body.

August isn't a student. Not anymore. He's not even made of flesh and bone. And apparently I'm the only person who's been able to see him in more than three years.
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