The Forgotten Planet

Written by:
Murray Leinster
Narrated by:
Richard Kilmer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
7 hours 8 minutes
The "forgotten" planet had been seeded for life, first with microbes and later with plants and insects. A third expedition, intended to complete the seeding with animals, never occurred. Over the millennia the insects and plants grew to gigantic sizes. The action of the novel describes the fight for survival by descendants of a crashed spaceship as they battle wolf-sized ants, flies the size of chickens, and gigantic flying wasps. (Summary by Wikipedia)
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Great book fabulous story wish I was there Great narrator

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Boring and slow

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Rosemary C.

Picked this book based on other reviews. For me just couldn’t get into it. Listened all way through still couldn’t.

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This was an excellent read. Fast paced, and well thought out. The narrator was really good too.

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Thomas Peria

Great book. Awesome story about survival, and a look into the world of insects.

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Mark hughes

I really liked the book. I would listen to again.

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Gail Butters

I read this book as a child, fascinated by the insects that dwarf the humans on this strange planet. I think every child should read this book as a way to open a mind to greater possibilities of life on other planets. This book has long been precious to me. This reader, however, has made the listening to this book a pain taking experience. The reader stumbles through the English language as a third grader might. "Big words", are an impossibility to. Him. The book need to be read with a sense of fascination . I cant listen to this well love classic because the reader cannot do it. It would behove you to have the book reread by someone who is dedicated to the language that most of the world learns as their going to school. Love the book. Love your service. Thank you.

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