The Forsaken Vampire

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
6 hours 43 minutes
My task is simple: kidnap Princess Rolfe. But the second I lay eyes on her I realize she’s anything but simple. Rancor, Leader of the Teeth, has commanded I fetch her in exchange for the Golden Serpent venom. But my plan is immediately derailed when I feel it. When I feel how much she wants me… I’ve had many lovers in my lifetime, but her passion puts them all to shame. One night turns into two…and then three…and then it becomes clear all my nights will be reserved for this woman. But I gave Rancor my word—and I have to keep it. She’s too ferocious to take by force so I drug her before I steal her from Delacroix. I escort her all the way to the Teeth and leave her there until Rancor tells me his plans. “We’ll play with her for a bit…and then we’ll eat her. And once her father comes for her, we’ll eat him too.” With my obligation fulfilled, I’m free to go. But can I leave such a beautiful woman to a horrible fate?
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