The Galaxy, and the Ground Within: A Novel

Written by:
Becky Chambers
Narrated by:
Rachel Dulude

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
9 hours 55 minutes
Return to the sprawling, Hugo Award-winning universe of the Galactic Commons to explore another corner of the cosmos—one often mentioned, but not yet explored—in this absorbing entry in the Wayfarers series, which blends heart-warming characters and imaginative adventure.

With no water, no air, and no native life, the planet Gora is unremarkable. The only thing it has going for it is a chance proximity to more popular worlds, making it a decent stopover for ships traveling between the wormholes that keep the Galactic Commons connected. If deep space is a highway, Gora is just your average truck stop.

At the Five-Hop One-Stop, long-haul spacers can stretch their legs (if they have legs, that is), and get fuel, transit permits, and assorted supplies. The Five-Hop is run by an enterprising alien and her sometimes helpful child, who work hard to provide a little piece of home to everyone passing through.

When a freak technological failure halts all traffic to and from Gora, three strangers—all different species with different aims—are thrown together at the Five-Hop. Grounded, with nothing to do but wait, the trio—an exiled artist with an appointment to keep, a cargo runner at a personal crossroads, and a mysterious individual doing her best to help those on the fringes—are compelled to confront where they’ve been, where they might go, and what they are, or could be, to each other.
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Emmet N.

This book is so beautiful and useful for people to read!! I love how Becky builds on the world created in previous books, also weaving storylines you know and want more of! It is a really unique 4th book in the series, reading like anecdotes and metaphors to the innumerable conflicts, big and small, we find ourselves in (in this world). I am always amazed by how Becky surprises me with different styles and tones in each book. This one is a true treat! Also, the narrator does an excellent job, giving each character a unique personality, and keeping the energy alive.

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