Ganesha's Spacemage

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
8 hours 38 minutes
Even a Spacemage must answer the call of a higher being.

The Rawtenuga and Trixone wars are over, and Bud and his people have been relieved of the task of liberating the remaining Rawtenuga held planets.

Jon and Jane have known about the Sanctuary system's planetary alignment for some time. All they know is it points to the Outback system, where the Door to Gaia used to be.

Bud knows Ganesha wants him to do something, but doesn't know what or where.

Could the alignment point to some threat from Gaia? Or to a place where an intergalactic rift could come from anywhere?

The Thorn's Cluster Militia is tasked with handling whatever comes through the Outback system. Even if it means going to another galaxy.

Bud is the Spacemage, and the bearer of Kali's Sceptre. But right now, he's Ganesha's Spacemage.
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