Gay: The Centerfold

Written by:
Kathleen Hope
Narrated by:
Eddie Leonard Jr.

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2017
0 hours 55 minutes
I slowly unfastened his pants and pulled them down over his hips. Hi thick cock swung proudly, now freed from the confines of his pants. I took hold of him and began stroking him from base to tip. Brock moaned and pushed as the back of my head again. I knew what he wanted but I wanted to play for a moment.

'Dude, we don't have much time,'Brock whispered urgently. 'Get to it.'

I obediently quit playing with him and took him into my mouth. His moan was like music to my ears as I went to work on him. I alternated sucking with long sweeps of my tongue against his velvety hard flesh. Brock seemed to enjoy what I was doing if his moaning and thrusting hips were any indication...
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