Gentle Rogue

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2008
10 hours 37 minutes
Heartsick and desperate to leave her sorrows on England’s shores, innocent Georgina Anderson seeks passage on the “gentleman’s ship,” Maiden Anne, disguised as a cabin boy. The captain, however, is no gentleman; he’s the ex-pirate and irrepressible rake, James Malory.The black sheep of a proud, tempestuous family, Malory soon sees through Georgina’s masquerade and is enchanted by the courageous, high-spirited lady he has forced into intimate servitude. But though he has sworn he will never be enticed into matrimony, Captain Malory has finally met his match on the high seas—undone by the passionate heart of one remarkable beauty whose love of freedom and adventure rivals his own.
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This book was fantastic - not a deep book, but entertaining. So good that I listened to it twice, back to back.

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Gail H.

I love this family series

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Lilya G.

a bit boring, I struggled to stay with this book.

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Veronica M.

Enjoyed this simple but funny romance and james was so cutel

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Ruth K.

Loved this one. Funny and sweet.

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Janie W.

A three and a half. Pretty good.

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Jennifer Vick

Simple but enjoyable book Lindsay books are all that way

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Don't listen to this book... unless you get the abridged version... the author goes into a TON of useless detail... the story could have been told in half the time....

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